·         SEG/G sophisticated evacuated eg tube type are about 4.5 mm thick, thicker than normal & the competition's, as well as is extra dubbly coated, element/ controller/s etc optional are normally incl. SM SOLAR geyser OPTIMAL BREAKTHROUGH TECH HEATERS UPMOST COST EFFECTIVE (sold especially from/@ eg SM/G) are ideal 4 use on EG farms as well as small holdings ETC where the water pressure is eg below 1 bar (100 kPa), (with these complete kits & solutions normally eg elements does not need replacement, most often it gets succesfully & sustainably replaced by the suns heat successfully only with SM/G'S geysering products)! No need to change any existing geyser! SM has eg various high/related pressure systems & parabolics/ intermediate /retro /splitfit /expansion ranges as well, where eg an existing geyser (NOT EG ELEMENT) can be used (integrally etc) to store warm water (upto eg 150 degrees @ SM), low pressure/ mid related arrangements can be made as well, if context fits, as very briefly explained, contact US for more very interesting insights today in order to start your massive savings! These SM systems are ideal for any scale/related, industrial/ commercial, residential contexts etc.
·         SM/G SUPER RUGGED & EXTRA RUBUST Geyser eg panels (NOT A PV SOLAR PANEL) various models /copper & cobalt (not eg chrome only...) coil collectors/ tanks eg thicker & bigger than competition & less tubes (normally 1.8 meters lenght 5mm thick not less LIKE OTHERS) meaning you actually pay less for more warmer water instantly available, / "flat/heater plat/ers" / 'storage' hot water tankers/ manifold heaters/ heat pipe solar water collectors / (NOT A SOLAR PANEL) fully vacuumized solar hot water "heaters" (starting from about only R2500.00 ONCEOFF) /various geyser tubes / lops & quadruple storager coils /plasmas/ gravities/ instant heat-cold circulations (with water which is safe in OUR solar geysers & is free from & FULLY protected against eg pollutions/ polluted forces) etc. @ SM/G you can save ABOUT 50 to upto 75 percent (& upto as far as e.g. 100 % on total heating costs/ ''energy saving costs'') of "household" energy consumption, depending eg on the matched element/s etc (as mentioned). This is a great & the best place to start cutting down on energy consumption/ saving water & can pay for itself easily within about 2 to ROUND 18 months/even from the start! Sizes varies from eg precise 100 lt to real 200 liters or more, however eg losses needs to be calculated in the latter contexts, (dont be misled by others) almost the same as eg any pv powers ETC, bought anywhere, real deals only @ SM.
·         These SM & G complete systems (not with "DC elements") typically reach temperatures of e.g. APPROXIMATELY, easily without any difficulty/ies 70 to 90 degrees Celsius (eg timer/s etc compatible), thus these supply enough eg hot water even @ eg night as well as eg relatively early mornings, (better than competition) our solaring is ideal for eg any jacuzzis, hydro’s, any size geysers as everyone knows it, (as mentioned), any boosters /related, various inflatables,various underfloor heatings, gravity feeds, balconies, double duality, hail resistors built in, fillers/cylinders, closed/ opened coupled/ing, circulatory pumps etc. (E.G. 2 "Self" circulatory geysers can also be successfully installed in e.g. Seriespre to feedly have eg warm water everyday, (eg 'kits' of dumpvalves /allied/ / thermographic/ auxiliary /lacto tanks, warm water circularity pumps etc can be introduced as well), however in general the rule of using less water to have more warm water must ALWAYS be considered, even applied to so called "bulk systems /thermals" going around, do not be misled by the other companies in the market, especially within ie installation circles, concerning eg these/ related!). For info regarding eg gas geysers all pressures (eg accessories, mixers, microcyclings, looping systems,pvt/c /dual systems, directed solar radiation on eg "flat plates" /glass full thick triple coiled round tubes, hybridity/ies, geyser /boilers controllers (compatible with element size etc) also normally available, to stepup extra effectiveness as eg backup etc but not eg servicing etc /related) we @ SM/G can be contacted if you would like to really attain success notonly on concerning these sophisticatively ridged, highly advanced. Contact us concerning eg glycol geysering legalities, carbon footprints all year round, retrofitting /related unique to SM products etc. Our kits are easy to install!
  • According to recent stats eskom/related clients pays more than 8 X more for eg electricity than less than 9 years back (and dirty fuel based power rates/levies/tariffs are immensely increasing as we speak (& the former beginning to be depleted); But now solar power is a bargain, if buying from SM/G, flip the switch today, & start savings earlier the better, (eg 50-100% in total) especially applied to SM/G solar water geysers & other products‼️. Best & very easy savings real value only from Solar Man, hassle FREE! OUR toppest quality eg solar geysers/water heater & storage tankers (NON TOXIC IN & AROUND EG GEYSERS/TANKS & TUBES/PLATES) are exceptional & AFFORDABLE which really pays off, & you actually get what you pay 4‼️ From US the sun really pays off. WE will save you lots of money & free you from Eskom’s/ municipalities inconveniences‼️.
- Specs /prices/ related applied to eg this segment as well as others are available via eg email /& phone...
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