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1.Group SolarMan Pretoria East/Far East Gauteng.SilverLakes.


Established in 2002: The Slogan Of Pride As Well As Association of

Affiliation. Known By Its Popular Emblem.

Announcement of Concern from the Solar Man Global Group Of Companies:

Please DRAMATICALLY reduce energy usage (ideally go TOTALLY/partially
off grid after e.g. correct/ proper (energy) pre-planning etc) to fight deadly-effects of E.G. climate change/global-warming/ volcanic eruptions; The major reason behind destructive storms /related such as seen in E.G parts of Asia & the West etc, (July 2014), as well as considering through accountance the severe pressures of the national power grid crises /related to evade a further major catastrophe not only regarding e.g. Water, (Escom- AC Electricity), gas, waste governance etc, diesel /petrol /coal etc (qualities & shortages, overpricing, ecenomical downs etc/related. (Together we can make differences let-us start today!). To view eskom load shedding (contextout of control) roster/ schedules affecting everyone on escom immensely click HERE.
Click HERE to view this special message from SM'G'S (S-E-G) (specialised engineering consultants) in the exciting world of solar!
For the last paragraph concerning this compartment of the power survival quest click here.
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