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Group SolarMan Pretoria East/Far East Gauteng.SilverLakes.
Solar Man Sole Agents Of Various Biggest/best Brand Names,@ THE BEST PRICES The
Largest Nation-Wide & Massmart E-Group Trader,Guiding the Profession Of Renewables,Clinically 
Specializes In Supplying Quality Products (affordably) Specifically Manufactured To Successfully 
Generate Electricity From Renewable-All Natural Sources.Solar Man Are The Primary Distributor/s,
The Major Quality Wholesaler/s/Discounted Shopping Cent Warehouse,Direct FromThe Factory 
Retailer/s,& A Direct Public/ Single-Buyer Seller As Well!SM Online store/outlets coming S00N!


Known By Its Popular Emblem: The Slogan Of Pride As Well As Association of Affiliation.

Announcement of Concern from the Solar Man Global Group Of Companies:

Please DRAMATICALLY reduce energy usage (/ideally go TOTALLY/partially
off grid after e.g. energy pre-planning etc) to fight deadly-effects of E.G. climate change/global-warming/ volcanic eruptions; The major reason behind destructive storms such as seen in I.E. Vietnam as well as parts of China & Europe etc, (July 2014), as well as considering through accountance the severe pressures of the national power grid crises/related to evade a major catastrophe not only with regarding to e.g. Water, AC Electricity etc. (Together we can make a difference, 1 by 1, let-us start today!). To view eskom load shedding (getting worse) roster click HERE.



Solar Man Super Store The Global Leader (& still growing enterprise group) In Specialty Of Systems/quotations Based On Calculated Pre-Planning e.g. Usages (made to work according to strict scientific ECO engineering alternative power SPECIFIED principles & calculation/s; in order 4 ANY products to be longlasting, (doesn't matter which brand) etc, to Generate Energy From Potensial Sun, Wind/other Renewables. Electricity 4 The Future! Best Prices Ever ONLY @ SM, The Longer You Wait The Less You Save!  Please read this website 4 e.g. technicalities/MORE surrounding these, the book (section) Solar All About discusses more!

Click HERE 4 a special opening welcoming continued! Discover The Solar Man's & SM Groups Special Solar Book Edition Launche; To successfully AS WELL AS sustainably Power Up Your Requirements & A Solar Requirements Calculator/s (limited editions) To PRE Plan Power, & 4 Any Solar/Power/Energy Electricity Info etc above!
Solar/& wind etc should also be used sensibly meaning eco friendly (even when clean!). All Renewables anywhere has limits, bought from any company. Any sections/segments difficult to read throughout this website the book Solar All About will be a good option purchasing, seeing that e.g specifications/manuals does not discuss/explain key aspects (how/why) to be SENSIBLY-sustainable etc) in general.
Please read the t's & c"s concerning e.g. Quote/s comparing/quotes (free 4 limited periods only, tendering projects etc already not free), former only on energysaving appliances used/monitored according to e.g. Ecometric principles (because of design technicals /sustainabilities etc) /idea/methodology coining, installations/related etc.
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