·         ONLY a Once off expense (& save from the start) @ SM, STATISTICALLY SPEAKING years & years of free off-grid power as well as water & groundwater/ related supply. Even if EG the power is off you will still have eg water.Thus a secure source of life giving water supply, for more than only consumption! Fitting not only South African contexts. One of the best investments ever, especially in the current eg water crises as well as harsh South African farming contexts & wide ranges of applications.
·         No more eg fuel (or related inconvenient maintenances etc) expenses /related & no need to cart around any cans of cans of diesel/ petrol, (or incure any ongoing energy costs) or even having any eg operating costs etc, which totally destroys/devistates the environment etc as well. SM/G pumps (just like all other SM/G products), pay for themselves in a few months (or even quicker) just on the savings in fuel & effort, (energy incl)!
·         SM/G pumps (various highly sophisticated/superior,Smart-models with no eg configuration/s etc required) long life & ruggard design BEST TO CHOICE FROM @ THE BEST PRICES (who won various international rewards) ESPECIALLY (already newest variable speeds /drive/s fitted, (positive diss-placement in some contexts with variable e.g. pistons surface pumpings on sale as well incl) voltified with extra rugged triple super speedy staged up wetended centrifugal roters& quadrupledly spinned& amplifyably magnified /mechanisationized in impelling Helicoils/ related, brushlessmotors, wurm wetends splicedins incl, AC/DC dynamic vsd's, complete, single/boost mulistaged couplings etc depending on specs all incl etc) are all Maintenance free as well as related, (different than other companies), different voltage/ Es 100 % PURE DC's (& eg PURE AC conversion/ combinations p displacements phases also), to fit specific requirements 4 up-most optimal results, these are normally special & original veggie oil filled specialized fully/ hybrid/upcharged submersible,spliced /"screw in" brushes/less/sometimes water/oil filled depending on the context etc,eg electromechanicalized with permanent magnet pump motors (not eg diaphragmed /related because of eg quality issues) former fantastic replacements 4 e.g. not only hyper ac monos, rotoringed with already stainless - steel solarised, (deepwell as well as small/side well), auto dryruns, starts & auto controller runs all etc incl, sometimes eg inverter box not necessary, only from SM!
·        "Water from the sun" is ideal 4 areas (to pump ANY relatively clean & clear drinkable water, between eg 10-40 degrees (manifold/ normal irrigations) where there is e.g. no (sort/s of/ any kinds of) eg ESKOM powers available or where this is an expensive option/ when eskom has eg mainstreamed vdrops/ pure electric start/s, strikings/ serial gennie difficulties/ inconveniences, desert/related etc applications, eg deep wells, desert control, any agriculture, rivers, sub drives, natural springs, any tanks, grasslands, irrigations, dams, rivers etc, /pivotting all areas of service/ non service delivery... (Gps sms monitoring, data loggings etc can be installed in some ranges to see not only eg extra features, same applies to eg. SM power generation /successful storage applied to eg the other interrelated sections as well as segments). No more eg windpumps necessary ever!
·      SPECIALIZED INDEPENDANT & UPMOST EXCELLENT PATENT TECH low /lowflow level,eg dry runs mentioned incl, eg auto tank overflow protection (controller & switch) also mentioned as well as extra screws, non returns & 1 way valves (/specialized hydraulic pressure pump valves) as fixture SMG fittings & all etc. BOOSTER ® Control boxes are seperate from panels because its better! (Please dont e.g. Use (test etc) pumps outside water it will seize etc)! Our eg solar panels can be successfully glued,as well as all our eg solar pumping systems can be eg prewired in store making any /all installation an absolute breeze!Our specs applied to our pumping systems wide ranges ANYTHING between eg from AROUND 10 meters ABOUT 90000 l/h /much less- ABOUT 280 meter AROUNDABOUT 100 l/h/ MUCH MORE... , /59.32 meters head ABOUT 500l/h/ & eg 80 meter gphead eg 3000-8000 l/h... (OR MUCH MORE/MUCH-LESS AS WELL /& eg 80000L /h around 5 m total head/800l/h on around 20 meter/less total heads); wide varieties, 24 volt - 1150 volt,(formers can easily S➖T➖A➖R➖T from as little as only R9000.00 per pump & controller box... all incl) DC /AC wattage compatible. For more details do contact us directly.
·        For this paragraph's information click HERE.


ContactUs asto e.g. info disclosure on e.g. what is needed in order to propose you a sustainable & suitable taylormake quote e.g.Meterings /borehole depth,actual head fitness strenght,static/dynamic level heads,water per day/s;tested/certified/dates /@diverse intervals,winters/summers,recoveries/reverse rate/s...,overhourly maxes,horizontal pumping etc AS WELL AS E.G.tank/irrigations/sprinklings/drippings/related,various eg capacities/ various heads/temperatures//different uses/baffles/ various pip/es/ thicknesses /frequency shiftings, multi-staged couplings/all losses/ sleeved /location &gpscordinates/consentrated/ condensed levelling/bar suctionsgradient/solar arrays, yields/ auto soft starts..., monthly usage/s/costs,various "standing"etc waterlevels,cusecs/feets,nonreturn valves/ related expansions/geological cards /transverabilities /gps locations, bidems, cleanings, frictions, age...of borehole/when e.g.drilled/previous problems/related etc. (These type/s of aspects normally apply to all sorts of pumps 220 volts etc aswell). ContactUS 4QUALITY assistance on e.g.formal qualified borehole certificated testing etc doneby outside consultancy (not always available). Please read SMG terms concerning knowledge provided on their sites, & all quote/s&/designing requests etc. If eg SM recommended installers not utilized, these may affect warranties, concerning all SM/G products aswell as systems.



  • ORDERS + ADMINISTRATION ESPECIALLY @ SOLAR MAN (SM/G'S). (ALL general quotes (always @ no obligation from SOLARMAN) are available free for a limited period. Please do note SM/G itself does not eg do/ organize any delivery/ installation/ callouts/ transport /worx, carry ins etc. SM/manufacturer/s /installers etc does not carry eg onsite/extended warranties etc. Please read t's/c's concerning eg designing /related etc, before any types of purchases);
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