(Like the pic/s holistically eclects), can be applied in various contexts not only housing). POWER AC (1 of the easiest eg self consumptive systems, (but with restrictions; supposed to be understood/sold with this throughout industry), generally speaking eg relatively fast savings & eg "revenue" producing (of most systems) more benifits only from SM). Grid tied- & feed in/self directive /consumptive /HYBRID/s, (not eg "interactive" only) connected (sometimes not eg that clean/ pollution free etc than e.g. "totally" offgrid systems if coming to eg usage etc, but still however strengthens the eg public & commercial grid, as well as more eg aiding eskoms situation,& is very convenient with the least eg after sales/related care,& can eg reduce totally /irradicate your electric bill/s TO EG 0, (or stopping the meter/eskom wheel as well as etc), much more benefits to eg SM/G solar panels consumers incl.)! These SM extremely smart (various models, working with all panels, not just any conventional model) & specialized ULTRA highly sophisticated/innovative solarrenewable, concrete/modern & reliable advanced as well as constant intelligent systems without any limits (SMESHSS-rcrais), (eg with 4matic AC &/DC ready overload /related detections/preventions build in & easy to install & user friendly from SM).
    Aboves are ideal to increase eg MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE SAVINGS /lowering electric bill/s instantly, avoiding eg penalties /related etc & eg increasing property values dramatically etc & / for e.g. the very harsh conditions of the South African commercial grid power- context, are sold especially @ SM/Group/s) & is normally used anyplace where eg the electricity /any local as well as national grid/s / energies /loads/already charged up powers are available (endlessly in any condition/s) via eg wheel /AC bidirectional metering (splitted...) etc, however sometimes not compatible with eg digita meters throughout industry, BUT @ SM eg special arrangements & considerations to overcome limitations can be made, with regards to not only these! These types of systems (from SM) are ideal for eg developers, any & all institutions, corps, homeowners eg renting/leasing etc, businesses, wider societies /related etc, basically absolutely everybody from anywhere.
    The eg latter can be applied anywhere even to Especially eg Citiesfactories, farms any PV Solar /wind farms (in some circles known as eg 'hybridities', depending on eg contexts, all sectors, domestic/urban/ rural /all & any eg industrial/commercial /closely related areas, any eg harsh weather condition areas, such as ZRSA, shopping centres, small /large rdp's, cold storages, any type of home/ business/ related owners/ improvements /related etc, various lodges, landlords, militaries, various public /private health facilities/ related, any types of solar plants any scale, telecommunications, diverse industries, universities, laboratories, hospitals, farms, casinos, refineries, mining, commercials, suburbans, sawmills, attraction sites, traders, cold storages, ground millings, holiday homes/ small holdings, solar parks/ sites, solar carports, fueling stations, bachelor units, any type/s officeblocks, mini/makro grids/ farms/solar farms, power stations/ related, any size eg mines, any properties, collages, creches, any modern /classic homes/ groups of individuals, airports, developers, taurants, builders etc, any types of parks, warehous/es, office blocks, garages, barbers, homeowners, any sectional title complexes, any shopping centers, coldrooms, mansions, shacks, any malls, street lights, car ports, abattoirs/ airports, any sport stadiums, any hydroponics, any /all power plants everywhere, farmhouses, collieries, residences, recreationals, backup chargers, petrol/service stations, food & various other industries, factories, townhouses any types, foreign & local developments & infrastructure, grain millings, hotel groups, estates/real estates, equestrians, communities, any corporates, VOLP'S/ TELECOMS/RELATED, any distribution channels, spas, holiday cottages /related, chalets, property developments, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis etc.
    This section is ideal as well in where e.g. the client/s wants to send /'feed' access/ generated powers successfully & practically back into the (SouthAfrican/related eg 52.1 HERTZ mains /&) grid/ use (in reverse/''storage'' 'tanking') the grid supply 4 eg power storage/s/ "AC-backup/s" /accumulators, contact US concerning how to eg go about these/ leagaities, (rooftop) grid compatibilities..., stabilizing the grids, eg hybrids requiring eg less batteries depending on context, "rent to owns", /related etcvarious "self" consumption/s, LCOE, auto selfstop chargings, fractionalism, plug & play/diy /reducing of eg operating costs, complementaries/ supplementaries, feasibilities applied to context, multigrids, limiter compatibilities, megaflexes, ruraflexes, seasonal /related generation, sub/tri/bi /split meterings, bankabitities, "solar roofs" /versatilities as well as concerning e.g. some /various possible technicalities surrounding max / min/ combined power storage/es mini/ maxi grid/s/ utilities can microly accommodate & STORE/ GENERATED WATTAGE (ALTERNATIVE /CONVENTIONAL) - BALANCES/ % offsets /magnitations /synchronizations managed effectively;
    Accounting 4 lots of other variables as well eg charge startup /continuedpeak absorptions, biofeedback bulk rates/ smart grid functionalities 4 eg. eskom to monitor client usage/s to e.g. Switch off power usage any time etc, circuit inline/s upstream splittings /''contactors'' /idleing/ Exferring, remotings, complete hybrid/ related, manual/ auto bipolar autolytics / hubbing /load shifting /SunGrids (SG's) utilities, flexigrids, wheeling /& rooftop/s solar, chip technologies, system integrations, various auto changeover configurations, energy wastages, centralities,anti islanding devices/contactors/ /stringing, transformer types/ related, "omni/es", contactors, various eg incentives from the eg state, integrative relays, APS systems/related, any solar farming, (direct/ related) eg grid tied splitting /related, "loadlimitings", real meaning behind self consumption/ related etc /EIA'S, /large scale commercial projects / eg procurement/s/ SSA'S, embeddedness's, load levelings, constructions /related, eia, embedded /related intellected net-metering, ripplings, R-E-A-L MPPT's 4 day/night use/es, "hysteresis", S-P-I-N-N-I-N-G, various diverse eg prepaid meterings, ac couplings,power assists, grid eg switchon restrictions more than eg licencing etc, public digit/ wheeling meters, IPP'S, QUICKER ROI'S, bidirectional /prepaid /postpaid meters/ related/ SPECIAL/ standard islanding, stackings, diagnostics, netzeroing/s, "building your own grid", PPA'S, energy /input/ output battery charging, as well as eg inverting, "booster" chargers. When to be not energy saving etc.
    The following also strongly applies to this segment modeling, rectifyings, peak shaving/stinging, boo's, various power assists, tri energies, upgradeabilities /expanding, peak shifting, limiters/multistaged contactors, power factor corrections, digitalities, daizy chaining, compatible Es kom grid storage effectiveness, nnses, system/s renting/ forktrucking, any types of eg engineering ipp's etc, ppc's, homeowners, vertical integrations, "co" power/s, various voltifications vs amplifications, sweeping, pulse, voltage regulation/s, PPC'S, any rooftop solaring/s, various utilities, full hybrid, registrations, coding/levelized costs, limitations concerning various contexts, storage- backups, micro/ macro grid/s, EPC'S, split phasings, pressure with steady powers, AC panel/ related uses eg if grid is eg down but not out, any solar ongrids, requirements, smart apps, starter /transformer compatibilities tobe with certain types of e.g. panels in most contexts, when eg batteries can be the primary feature as well as etceteras. (Please note SM/G doesnt sell any eg water generators/ wind turbines /lithium batteries, because of safety aspects etc, although lithium products can work with as well as alongside our products).


    • NOTE (COMPATIBLE & SUITABLE rechargeable, renewable, recyclable, solar, hybrid DC Batteries (hybridity like the last pic (contextabove) can be connected (in these contexts) with certain ranges (especially @ Solar Man Energies Group) 4 eg certain (AC energy saving, eg special appliances IDEALLY BUT NOT LIMITED TO) A/AA/ AAA RATED circuits, fully running while e.g. eskom (& its circuitries) are eg down etc).
    • Please be VERY vigilant concerning companies in industry/ market selling eg "hybridity" especially /&"grid ti/GTI'S" & its contexts / "interactional/s" /AC/DC/ &... off grid /&ongrid "self" consumption /"offgrid backup"/"backup - offgrid" full/partial/ related etc not correctly; Eg having a lack in understanding the concept/s & /especially more eg concepts like 'bidirectionalities' /& /"MPPT' etc eg actually defined differently throughout context/s.


    - 4This paragraph click HERE.All these technicalities (& more) BRIEFLY mentioned throughout cannot be evaded even if eg buying any products/ brands, any size sold anywhere/ bought from ANY company. 4 This paragraph click HERE! Contact us regarding if brand names wouldnt neccesaraly suit your needs especially if its made in the same factory as less known brands applied to the same product!


    ➖ These SM/Gsystems(& all SM products) are the easiest coming to various factors regarding to eg management of a system etc, & is very, very convenient & extremely fast in savings @ SM. With this said to identify eg any system sustainably requires you to consider various factors especially coming to e.g batteries ("grid" hybrid ranges, (offgrid ti) etc) throughout industry, (be very vigilant for companies claiming their eg batteries are for any "demanding world" / "heavy duty" /related etc because eg energy saving still needs to be applied especially concerning wanting to be offgrid/ permanently offgrid eg as far as possible & as long as possible, in cases of very long backuping as well eg 8 hrs...(where eg loads sometimes increases as well)
    ➖ With Solar ManG'S Gridti /& Hybrid 100% Bidirectionalities / Interactivities /100 percent no losses gridassists / Emergency /short/relatively long eg 4... hrs Backup Systems as well as solutions there are exceptions to the former type of rules!) Contact US TODAY for anything more EG ins/outs, prices, specs etc available via eg email/ phone etc, eg all systems (as discussed eg on this site) all in one inverter (different sizes/ selectable & FlexiPotent Technology. Etc) SUPER- (MULTIPLE POWER POINT TRACKINGS)EXTRA HIGH /LARGE MPPT/S (more than normal PWM), 4matics, charger/ AC/DC various stages & boosters... (not reconditioned) already buildin different sizes ETC, prices ranges from lower than ONLY R17000.00! SSSMART Computer management software to control various system functions etc/ EG control card/s 4 eg stacking also available especially @ SM! LIMITED PERIOD ONLY! ANY CUSTOM MADE REQUESTS CAN ALSO BE MANUFACTURED (ALL PRODUCTS @ FANTASTIC PRICES ALWAYS) ONLY FROM SM!! (From US you will know what you buy as well as how it actually works & you actually get what you pay for!)
    • 🔊 (Interested in real 'hands on' training eg to learn more about YOUR system/s etc eg finding out what not other trainers /companies would want you to know!  - Normally only available 4 clients who purchased (@ Solar Man) as well as fully read & preferably as far as possible understood the book Solar All About, (other restrictions applies as well, concerning eg purchasing of this book etc, click here for more).
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